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The post-holder works closely with the financial planners and administrators of Ultima Financial Planners to ensure a vibrant, well-run and effectively managed service provider and support to the clients of the company and its staff towards achieving the vision of being CARING, CREATIVE, ACCURATE AND QUALIFIED, 


  • Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Laws / a suitable Law degree / Advanced Certificate in Financial Planning
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning (or studying towards)
  • Professional Competency Examination (PCE)
  • Class of business training
  • Product specific training
  • Regulatory Examinations (RE5)
  • Advanced Microsoft Word and Excel computer skills
  • Experience in using financial planning modelling software like Xplan, Xtools, Integrated Wealth Planner, Asset Map


Head of Financial Planning, COO – Operations, CEO – Human Energy


Mondays to Fridays 08h00 – 16h30


Written permission needed

1 = not evident – compliance / development needed
2 = sometimes evident but not always
3 = evident most of the time
4 = always evident


(expected deliverables / results)
1. Risk Management / Compliance:
In all duties and tasks delegated, comply with all job-related requirements and standards of the:

1.1.1 POPI Act
1.1.2 FIC Act
1.1.3 FAIS Act
1.1.4 TCF
1.1.5 Other relevant legislation & regulation
1.1.6 Accurate effective record keeping
1.1.7 Accurate professional client communication

2. Client Relationship Management

2.1 Time management – paraplanner tasks and deadlines for client-financial planner meetings
2.2 Gathering relevant client information for initial planning meetings (new clients)

2.3 Gathering relevant client information for annual review meetings (existing clients),
2.4 Recording client data in an orderly manner
2.5 Liaising with financial planners and administration assistants, suppliers’ client services as and when needed
2.6 Strong ability to work within a team

3. Operations

3.1 Preparing for upcoming Client – Financial planner meetings
3.2 Uploading and updating client gathered data using financial planning systems / software like Xplan, Astute, Xplan Advice Tools, Financial Planner Asset Mapping Software, Integrated Wealth Planning Software
3.3 Handling client queries / requests / quotations. (long term insurance) whilst involving planner when advice and / or intermediary service is required

4 Key accountabilities

4.1 Completion of tasks and work requests as per FSP policies, procedures, workflow
4.2 Assisting with co-ordination, prioritisation, and monitoring of paraplanning work requests as required
4.3 Accompanying financial planners to initial and review client meetings as and when required
4.4 Reviewing work of less experienced paraplanners as and when required
4.5 Coaching and mentoring less experienced paraplanning team members as and when required
4.6 Assisting with induction of new paraplanning team members if required
4.7 Assisting in the development and review of paraplanning policies and procedures
4.8 Participation and completion of assigned projects
4.9 Ongoing maintenance and development of professional knowledge to satisfy at a minimum, current industry, FSP and legislative requirements
4.10 Assisting in the collation and production of management reports as and when required

5 Challenges / problem solving

5.1 Meeting service standards for completing projects
5.2 Ability to prioritise work requests while meeting deadlines and maintaining relationship
5.3 Identifying outstanding information required for accurate completion of work requests and collecting this information from the parties concerned
5.4 Identifying risks involved in the client’s portfolio and discuss with the planner concerned (Examples: Drawdown rate of retirement funds too high. Inadequate buy and sell arrangement for business shareholders, No liquidity in deceased estate)
5.5 Assisting in improving, developing and delivering services offered

6 Record keeping, preparing, populating the following for planners may include:

6.1 Meeting records
6.2 Service level agreement
6.3 FAIS disclosure
6.4 Risk profiling tools
6.5 Client consent
6.6 Needs analysis questionnaire
6.7 Assets & liabilities
6.8 Portfolio summary and update
6.9 Budget
6.10 Calculation: planning and deceased estate, tax, cash flow, more
6.11 Advice agreements
6.12 Populating templates

7 General:

7.1 Tasks can be added or removed as and when required for seamless operational requirements
7.2 Taking personal responsibility for your personal continued development and growth through training, CPD record keeping, will be expected of you throughout your career with Ultima.; especially
ongoing development regarding the latest applicable technology, financial planning trends, technical and relational abilities)


Critical habits:
1 Discipline
2 Resilience
3 Propensity to own
4 Self-Confidence
5 To Simplify

Strong Habits:
1 Altruism
2 Responsiveness
3 People positive
4 Frustration handling
5 Problem Solving
6 Conflict Handling

1 Involved
2 Unaggressive


Skills – Benchmark
Critical: cannot do the job without
Important: Will struggle without
Helpful: Helpful to the job
Level of skills required
Expert / Highly skilled / Skilled / No skill

Cognitive Skills
Training – Helpful Skill (Skilled)
Computer Literacy – Critical Skill (Expert)
IT (use of systems) – Critical Skill (Highly Skilled)
Maths – Important Skill (Skilled)
Planning – Critical Skill (Expert)

2 People Skills
Coaching & Mentoring – Important Skill (Highly skilled)
People – Important Skill (Highly skilled)

Negotiation – Helpful Skill (Skilled)
Social Media – Helpful Skill (Skilled)

3 Management & Planning Skills
Business Process Design – Helpful Skill (Skilled)
Admin – Critical Skill (Expert)
Financial Management – Important Skill (Skilled)
Project Management – Critical Skill (Expert)

4 Technical Skills
Machine Operating (Laptop computer) – Critical Skill (Highly Skilled)
Technical – Important Skill (Highly Skilled)

5 Communication Skills
Writing- Critical Skill (Highly Skilled)
Verbal – Important Skill (Highly Skilled)
Selling – Important Skill (Skilled)
Presentation – Critical Skill (Expert)
Facilitation – Helpful Skill (Highly Skilled)


1 Fluent in English and Afrikaans – spoken language, written language, and spelling
2 MS Office:
MS Word
MS Excel
MS Outlook
MS Teams
Internet www


Investments (local)
• Allan Gray
• Ninety-One
• Old Mutual Wealth
• Portfolio Metrix

(Discretionary Fund Manager)
• Sanlam Glacier V2021.02

Investments (offshore)
• Allan Gray Offshore Investment Platform – AGOS
• Capital International Group
• Ninety-One
• Orbis Investment Management
• OrbVest (Global Real Estate Investment)

Currency Transfers
• Currency Partners
• Forex People

Long-Term Insurance
• Hollard
• Liberty
• Momentum
• Old Mutual
• Sanlam

Products and Providers can be added or terminated as and when required

Salary Negotiable ****

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