Our Background

Corvest Corporation operates with unique, niche Recruitment Consultants and highly accredited Management in which are trusted to help build the careers of some high-profiled candidates globally. Our It’s a success story we have built over the years which we’re proud of. Corvest Corporation was built on the strength and passion of our people. As our business continues to expand, we operate with the same commitment to service and quality in every corner of our business. Every candidate is treated as an individual with a core focus on advising and intensified consulting. It means we continually have the best niche, consolidated candidates on the market to offer our clients in several sectors in which we manifest in.

Our story begins in 2008 when we deployed our first representative into the United Kingdom. Since then we have developed into an international business leaving markers across the globe, and now operate in a diverse range of niche, professional markets worldwide. For over 10 years, both national and international businesses across the globe have partnered with Corvest Corporation to minimize their staff turnaround and source some affluent candidates for their companies.

Our Footprint

  • Africa
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Belgium
  • Malaysia
  • Ireland
  • France
  • Vietnam
  • Thailand
  • South Africa
  • Portugal
  • Luxembourg
  • Indonesia
  • China
  • United States
  • Taiwan
  • Singapore
  • New Zealand
  • Japan
  • Hong Kong
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Switzerland
  • Philippines
  • Middle East
  • Korea
  • Germany
  • Brazil

Corvest Corporation is a restricted placement firm that is open to professionals who have obtained a minimum of a four-year degree or equivalent from a technical university, offering these individuals exclusive new positions available to them.



Our Area of Expertise

We specialise in global placements in Accounting, Finance, Banking, Financial Services and the Legal sector. Whilst these are our core recruitment areas, we also cater for our clients’ national recruitment requirement needs by specialising in new and emerging areas. Within our company, we have accredited Management within each sector and develop niche Recruitment Consultants in each sector as and when the demand expands. Our niche Recruitment Consultants are experts, the majority having industry experience in the sectors they recruit.

Our goal is to be the world’s leading, most well-spoken of recruitment specialist with an obvious differentiation based on the quality of our service to both our candidates and our clients. To maximize our mission potential, we offer our talented professionals a chance to earn a split-share in Corvest Corporations’ profits, which we know, sets us apart from the multiple majority of our competitors in our arena. This decorum allows us to receive the best service turnaround from our specialized staff and in turn increases our potential to ensure our candidates and clients receive outstanding levels of service. Our team is equipped with market leading expertise to provide a phenomenal consultative service to our clients, from high-end corporate, through to SME’s and start-up businesses.


Our Unique Approach & Delivery

Our International Exploration

Corvest Corporation is continuously hiring representatives nationally and internationally for the comfort and ease of our clients. This approach preserves our culture and high service levels to clients. Our expansion into the international marketplace allows substantial business growth opportunities for our specialists to engage into new territories worldwide.

Our Disciplined Diversity

Thriving on expansion through building scale in existing areas of recruitment and by launching new step-by-step processes. Our route to success is focusing on unique/retained areas, building a valuable reputation for high quality service. We are always looking to help our clients place in new positioned areas but we take a step-by-step approach to ensure we maintain our companies’ culture and quality assurance. Creating and sustaining a candidate data base in new markets is vital so that we can deliver on our promises when job descriptions are presented by our clients for immediate key point execution.

Our Exceptional Delivery

Our culture and approach to sustaining our specialists is about developing a sustainable business for the bottom-line result on the company. That’s why we believe in building careers that are sustained, employing solid ground management and providing international opportunities for the companies talented professionals. From our global renowned contracted training facilities and our share offering to our talented specialists, teamwork is the heart beat of the business. It’s how we continue to deliver outstanding service levels to our clients and candidates.

Enabling BCom Professionals to expose their professional presentations to prospective firms.


Our People, Our Culture

Our Principles

Accredited Management

Accredited Management

We have sustained our Accredited Management staff - Some of which have been a intellectual part of our businesses success for the past 8 years. We believe that people passionate about our business will be dedicated to helping grow our client’s enterprises too.

Niche Recruitment Consultants

Niche Recruitment Consultants

Our niche Recruitment Consultants are trained on the highest level or both technical and physical approaches to candidates and clients. Our niche Recruitment Consultants are constantly trained on new market changes and new approach techniques to equip them with new industry trends.

Our Staff Exposed to International Travels

Our Staff Exposed to International Travels

Some of our niche Recruitment Consultants and highly accredited Management obtain opportunities to explore international travels to explore new business opportunities and to retain current business opportunities. It’s a key part of our talent retention strategy and means that many of our members of staff have been with us since joining our family – you can be assured of talking to experts in all sectors of our business.

International Representatives

International Representatives

We are able to embed our international home-grown talent in specific sectors across the globe to ensure all territories across the globe are serviced to perfection. So, wherever you are in the world you can be assured of a high quality, consistent service.


Strengthening our Business

We are always looking for new innovative ideas to ensure consistency in communication, industry trends, mobility of our business and enhancing technology to remain above board of our competitors. This provides peace of mind to all our clients to ensure we only provide the best service and assurance to our candidates and clients. We boast that we always in the market for new innovative ideas to ensure our clients keep to the modern identity. All our staff are responsible for innovative ideas, we have set up new innovative platforms for employees to provide their commentary to enhance the businesses mobility, strategies, technology and social platforms to develop new business and new ways to serve clients’ needs.

Enabling Firms to access BCom professionals online.


Building People, Building Communities, Our People

We have always ensured that our people have worked in sustained environments and imprinting a belief and mindset in doing recruitment the correct way. In turn our people have developed a passion for the industry and have always believed in sustaining our clients’ needs and exceeding their expectations. Our people remain with us, they are inspired by our passion for the industry. They have been the forefront component of our business’s integral expansion into the global market and have taken our company dynamics with them. Our dedication has compelled our people to take to the community to drive forward a better world. Whether we’re developing great relationships with clients, working hard to engage our people, partnering with charities, or encouraging diversity, it’s all part of our sustainable business strategy. Our approach is to keep charitable and social initiatives relevant to our local communities, building on the strengths of our people and making them integral to our business strategy. It means social responsibility isn’t an afterthought, it’s part of what we do.